SOSE  NW Talent Extragana

What a great event this was to conclude Term 1!  This exhibition of talent was initiated by Mrs Jacqui Astley – thanks so much for organising the program and working with various groups to provide entertaining items!
I was so impressed with the efforts all staff members and students made to dress up and perform in front of a capacity audience in the Burnie Campus gym.
The class items were fun and it was especially thrilling to note several students who made solo performances – in particular, Alin House from Smithton who attends the Tuesday Links program playing a tune on the keyboard and also John Viney who adores displaying his skills with the piano accordion.
It was especially gratifying to note several parents and grandparents who had travelled long distances to be members of the audience.
The newly purchased barbecue was used for the first time by Garry Ewington (head chef alias bus driver) assisted by Sandra and Keenie to provide a sausage sizzle for staff and students.  Thank you.
Whilst the weather was damp our spirits were high and everyone enjoyed themselves immensely!  
 SOSE has got talent  SOSE has got talent SOSE has got talent 
 SOSE has got talent  SOSE has got talent  SOSE has got talent