Community Access

School of Special Education North West uses the resources of the local and extended community to support the development of each student’s social skills and appropriate behaviours in the community.
Community-based instruction refers to regular planned programs which take place in the community setting to achieve quality student learning outcomes, community access education programs focus on the development of student competencies needed in adult life.
Our community access programs assist students to:
  • Develop independence and gain social competence in:
    • - problem solving
    • - money handling
    • - shopping
    • - leisure activities
    • - road safety
    • - ‘stranger danger’
    • - travel
    • - work/employment situations
  • Learn and to practise socially acceptable behaviours.
  • Participate in the use of community facilities i.e.
    • - libraries
    • - banks
    • - restaurants
    • - post office etc
Community Access Burnie Campus